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 Spinal Stenosis

Located between adjacent spinal bones or vertebrae are opening called foramen through which the spinal nerves exit.  As long as these foramen remain large, the nerves can easily exit without pressure or distress.  However, the openings can become smaller causing the nerve roots to become adversely affected.  This is called spinal stenosis and typically affects older people. There are three common ways that a foramen can become smaller.  First of all, the vertebra can misalign.  Secondly, a disc can bulge or rupture into the direction of the foramen.  Lastly, there can be a build-up of calcium which is degenerative arthritis into the foramen.  It is quite common for a disc bulge or a rupture or a build-up of calcium to occur in combination with a misaligned vertebra.  When a combination of these factors occur, the opening or foramen become smaller, further compromising the exiting nerve.

Today’s story of hope is of a sixty-nine year old male.  He came to our office with lower back and right leg pain.  X-rays revealed arthritis in his lower back, and a visit to a medical specialist resulted in a diagnosis of spinal stenosis.  My evaluation concurred with the M.D.  However, I noted that the bottom vertebra had misaligned causing further compromise to the nerve that went down his leg.  He was treated at our office with spinal manipulation to align the vertebra. Traction was also performed to alleviate nerve pressure.  He noted complete resolution of symptoms.  Today I’ve discussed spinal stenosis and how it responds favorably to chiropractic care.  Have a blessed day!

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  • "I visited Masters Touch after hearing the 'back talk' ad on the radio. My issue was lower back pain that would flare up after long trips(plane, car etc). I also had a numb spot that would trouble me on and off. After several adjustments, the lower back pain no longer is an issue, even after cross country flights. The numb spot on my upper back is an on and off issue, but its getting better as my posture improves.

    This was my first visit to a chiropractor, so I have no frame of reference for how good or bad things were. However I can say this with certainty; my back feels much better after the treatment. I have to mention the staff as well. Customer service was top notch, everyone has a smile and is very nice."
    Bryan G. Portland, OR

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