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Insurance Coverage

Automobile accident injuries are typically covered by an insurance policy under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion.  This small portion is exclusively intended to pay for all medical / chiropractic services associated with injuries from an accident.  PIP pays for direct access to chiropractic care, but patients can come through other doctor's referrals as well.  Oregon mandates that all automobile insurance policies have PIP coverage, while in Washington, PIP coverage is optional.  In Oregon, the minimum PIP coverage is $15,000 per person and pays for services that you receive within one year of the accident.  If charges exceed $15,000 or treatment extends beyond 1 year, then your major medical insurance may be billed.  

When the driver of the other car is at fault, patients commonly think that medical bills are submitted to the liable insurance company for payment.  However, the liable company rarely pays any medical charges. Rather, the PIP portion of your insurance company needs to be billed to cover all medical services that are related to the accident.   Insurance premiums generally do not rise due to treatment of bodily injuries, but if they do, changes would be minimal.

The liable insurance company does have several responsibilities.  First of all, the liable party’s insurance company often will pay a settlement for pain and suffering associated with injuries sustained.  This typically includes loss of wages, as well as lifestyle changes or adaptations that occurred.  In Oregon, a person has 2 years after the accident to settle with the liable company, while in Washington, a person has 3 years to settle.  This settlement check is made to the patient or his legal representative (attorney) and not to any medical provider.  Additionally, at the time of settlement, the liable insurance company commonly reimburses the patient’s insurance for PIP benefits previously paid out.

As a courtesy to our patients, our office is willing to bill the PIP portion of automobile insurance with the reasonable assumption that payment will be forthcoming.  However, ultimately, all medical / chiropractic services rendered would be the patient's responsibility.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I visited Masters Touch after hearing the 'back talk' ad on the radio. My issue was lower back pain that would flare up after long trips(plane, car etc). I also had a numb spot that would trouble me on and off. After several adjustments, the lower back pain no longer is an issue, even after cross country flights. The numb spot on my upper back is an on and off issue, but its getting better as my posture improves.

    This was my first visit to a chiropractor, so I have no frame of reference for how good or bad things were. However I can say this with certainty; my back feels much better after the treatment. I have to mention the staff as well. Customer service was top notch, everyone has a smile and is very nice."
    Bryan G. Portland, OR

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